I work out of Exile Tattoo located at 1251 4th Avenue, Prince George, BC V2L 3J5.

Shop Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11am-6pm

WHen are you Booking and How can i book an appointment?

Books OPEN ~ Booking for November/December 2019

You can call the shop at any time to set up  a consultation or you can fill out this form online.  I also require a cash Non-Refundable deposit to hold your appointment (This will of course come off the cost of your tattoo) also be sure to bring any reference material or examples with you. The price of the deposit will depend on the project and the time needed. It can range from $160- $400.

If your from out of town or you cant make it to the shop ,you can also submit the consult form and do an e-transfer to m_ad@me.com. Phone consults can also be arranged. 

How old do i have to be to get tattooed?

With a parents consent you can get tattooed at the age of 16. Your parents will have to be present at the tattoo appointment to approve the tattoo design and placement as well as sign a waiver. Both you and your parent will have to provide Photo ID. Parental consent is not required if you are 18 years of age or older. 

Everyone, no matter what age, requires to provide a piece of government photo ID.

I am $160.00/h and I have an hour minimum.

The cost of a piece depends on many factors. The size, placement, amount of detail, the client's skin and stamina, whether it is colour or black and grey etc. The best way to get an estimate for a piece is to come down and book a consult. Or visit the booking page and do it online. Once I have had a chance to review all the details about how you would like your new tattoo to look, I will be able to give you a better idea of approximate price. 

How much will this piece cost me?

What you will need to help your tattoo heal:

- Unscented Lotion: Such as Glaxal Base or Aquaphor  for the remainder of the healing process. You may apply 1-2 times a day until tattoo is completely healed. Do not use any antibiotic ointments, petroleum base products (vaseline), aloe vera, preparation h, or old bottles of expired lotion laying around your house.  

- Unscented Soap: Like softsoap to wash your tattoo for the first 1-3 days (depending on piece).

Paper Towel: You will need a clean roll of paper towel to dry off your tattoo. Make sure you have a roll at home. 

REST: Don’t plan to go out right after your tattoo. You have an open wound. Treat it as such. Go home and rest!

AVOID SUN, POOLS, HOT TUBS and MAJOR EXERCISE: New tattoos can burn easily. There is a lot of harsh chemicals in pools and hot tubs that can affect healing. Working out can irritate your tattoo. 

Keep your wrapping on overnight. It is strongly recommended that you keep it covered the first night while you sleep as it will protect your tattoo and your sheets.

Follow these instructions step-by-step:

  1. Remove bandage the next morning. (Check with artist. Times may vary depending on tattoo.)

  2. Wash hands with hot water and soap.

  3. Pump Unscented soap in clean hands. Lather. Under hot water, gently clean the tattoo until surface no longer feels slimy.

  4. Dab dry with clean paper towel. (Do not use a towel as they carry bacteria!)

  5. For the first 3 days of healing, remove any moisture/weeping that appears on your tattoo by washing the tattoo as instructed above. Listen to your body. When unable to wash tattoo, wash hands and dab a piece of clean wet paper towel to remove visible moisture. Always allow tattoo to dry after washing and before applying any moisturizer.

  6. After the 3rd day, your tattoo will most likely start to look flakey and may begin the itching stage. This is normal and you should continue to moisturize with a unscented moisturizer as needed. (1-2 times / day) If scabs form, do your best to keep them on the tattoo as long as possible. Any scabs that fall off prematurely can take part of the ink out. Do not pick or scratch them off.

  7. To relieve some of the itching, you can pat lightly or simply apply a small amount of lotion to the tattoo with clean hands.

Elevation, nutrition and fluids are essential after a tattoo, so be good to your body and protect that art!


How do i take care of a fresh tattoo?