"We're not creating when we just re-create what doesn't exist; we're simply vomiting up what we've eaten and what's in our brain, and the splashing we leave on the floor (that is, on paper) has little to do with what we've eaten."

-Luis Royo




Pencil, oil, acrylic, digital and ink, no matter the medium, art has been the driving force in my life. Since myearly days locking myself away in a room with nothing more than a pencil and a sketchbook, creating and design has always been at the forefront of my mind and personality. I live to create and can find artistic beauty in all aspects of life. Being Inspired by artists such as Luis Royo has only added to my motivation to learn anything and everything I can about art in any form and to leave my mark on the world and my name in the art history books (and not just where I scribbled it inside the cover of her high school and college textbooks.)

After receiving a Fine Arts Diploma from the College of New Caledonia in Prince George BC, I had come down with a rather expensive and addictive habit, taking my love of art on paper and canvas and moving it into skin. From the moment, I acquired my first large tattoo from Richie Lucero, (a large traditional Japanese dragon the length of my entire leg) I was completely and hopelessly addicted to tattoos. Ever since, my collection of tattoos the desire to learn the art form had grown.


My next hurdle was to find someone to instruct me in the new medium that I had become so enamored with. The opportunity finally arose after months of my obsessing over finding an apprenticeship and driving people to the brink of insanity with my constant “tattoo talk” I started at Exile Tattoo Under Matt Houghton in January of 2012. Through the years I have worked with multiple styles, bold Neo-traditional and Black and Grey Realism are some of my personal favorites.